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As you can probably tell, this is an introductory post so if you are interested to get a little insight into the interesting person who will be running this space, hang around here it’s going to be just a quick 3-minute read. If you want to know more about me, head over to the about page and be amazed. I am a lot of things it could take a day to fully introduce myself but just like every other, queen out there, some qualities stand out and influence the core of who I am and I’m going to share some of them. Of courses, I’m just going to share just three, for reasons you will soon understand if you don’t already.

I am an INFJ

I know, I know. Half the population in the world claim to be an INFJ and yet this is a rare personality estimated to make up just 3% of the world, but hello, can a girl dream to be rare. On a serious note, however, if one were to ever meet with me in real life, I come off as weird, standoffish, very confident in a concealed manner, very polite at the same time, very helpful and surprisingly charming to be around. This I have been told countless times but people who are now my friends but claim they had no idea what to make of me when we first met. This is usually because I live a lot in my head, since being an INFJ means overthinking comes very naturally. It also makes me very opinionated about a lot of things so don’t be surprised or offended if a lot of the things you read here are pure opinions and not facts because they really are just opinions and it’s good to have some. The good side about being INFJ is that we have so much empathy which makes it very rare to find a mean, one of us. I’m always a good-vibes-only kind of person so you can expect my platform to be a positive place. Being an INFJ usually comes with drastic qualities that make me an idealist who prefers action rather than philosophising about issues that matter. So if someday you are going to read that I quit my meat diet to become a vegetarian because I felt the need to contribute to the efforts being made to save the planet and our environment, best believe I really did no matter how ridiculous it sounds. In a nutshell, I’m a good person to be around once you spend more than an hour around me so it won’t hurt you to subscribe to my blog, I promise only the good stuff.

Im a bit of a tinker

If I were a cat, I would be the one that died because of curiosity, all nine times. Seriously, I’m all over the place when it comes to figuring out things. It might explain how I successfully studied psychology, passed with beautiful grades and ended up a graphic designer with mean Web Design skills aspiring to be a Web Developer. I mean, I cannot even follow that career development path. My interest gets tickled especially when something new gets introduced or I come across a subject that is difficult to understand at first glance. I become a full-on Tinkerbell and will not quit until I get around the whats, hows, and whys of a subject or object. This does not make me a jack of all trades but you better believe I know some things. A lot of the times I end up sharing with friends and followers so if you interested In sticking around, anticipate reviews, insights and suggestions being thrown around like confetti. Although it is very taxing to be this kind of person because there is always never enough time in the world to be just a normal girl with normal colour of shoes to choose problems, I like that it maintains a student mentality in me so I’m always ready to learn even from strangers in the comments section. As long as you are not being mean and unkind ill listen to what anyone has to say.

I give very good relationship advice .

I don’t know if I should owe this to the years I spent studying psychology and training to be a counsellor or my innate ability to place my self in someone else’s situation and imagine how they feel. Whatever it is I’m known for my very helpful advice navigating the relationships scene. This is surprising, especially to me when people tell me that I make very good sense when talking about relationships considering I myself I’m still navigating the same scene, but hey, physician heal thyself, or something similar that makes sense. If I happen to throw some relationship advice here, probably in my next post, take heed, for I’m usually correct about these things.

And that sums up my introductory post. you will come to know a lot more about me as we go on and the opinions are thrown around. It’s going to be an interesting journey and I hope you follow and subscribe to my blog.

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